Why Are They Called Ragdoll Cats?


Ragdolls are a fairly new cat breed. Most cat breeds are carefully selected in order to show off a distinct body type or unique fur pattern.

The initial litters that Ann Baker used to start the Ragdoll breed had a calm personality and relaxed body. So relaxed, they would just go limp when picked up.

Why Do Ragdoll Cats Go Limp?

Allegedly, the mother of all Ragdolls was an exceptionally docile cat and passed that calm demeanor down to her offspring.

However, before you decide to go and get a Ragdoll for yourself, keep this in mind: Not ALL Ragdolls will ‘flop’ or go limp when picked up.

Thinking of adopting? The best way to determine if your cat will be true to the Ragdoll name is by asking about the breeding parents.

Every cat is an individual and will come with their own unique traits and personalities. Don’t let this be the only reason you decide to get one!

Ragdoll cats are also astonishingly soft, incredibly loving, and breathtakingly beautiful. There are many, many reasons to love the breed!

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