Tips and Hacks For Dealing With Matted Cat Fur on Your Ragdoll

Dealing with matted cat fur on your Ragdoll isn’t such a big deal especially if you are diligent about grooming your Raggies regularly.

Even just a light brushing from time to time will help to avoid nuisance matted cat fur.

Avoiding Mats

1. Avoid collars 2. Regular grooming 3. Conditioner on fur when bathing 4. Don’t wet the mats


Supplies For Removing Your Ragdoll’s Matted Cat Fur

1. Small Slicker Brush 2. Wide Tooth Metal Comb 3. Corn Starch 4. Coconut Oil 5. Small Blunt Arm Scissors 6. Electric Clippers


How to Remove Mats


1. Use a Wide Tooth Comb or Brush 2. Work Out a Little at a Time 3. Cornstarch or Coconut Oil


My boys will leap to the counter top where I groom them the moment I pull out the grooming tools as they know brushing = treats.


Mats Are a Fact of Life If You Own a Long Haired Cat

Still the best way to avoid mats, is regular grooming… kind of like preventative maintenance!


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