The Best Cat Diet to Kick Cat Kidney Disease (To The Curb!)

So just WHAT IS THE BEST CAT DIET to keep your cat’s tiny kidneys in tip top shape and lower the odds significantly of your cat developing kidney disease or a urinary tract issue?

The simple, straightforward answer is diet. The RIGHT diet.

A Raw Meat Diet = Best Cat Diet

The best suited diet for a cat is a raw meat diet, consisting of the proper balance of raw meat, bones and organ meat.


Why a Raw Diet is the Right Thing

Cats Are Hunters Cats Are Obligate Carnivores Cats Are NOT Kibble Eaters (By Nature)


Diet Impacts Kidney Health in Cats

Standard cat food is made of grain and sometimes has low-grade meat and vitamins added to it. They often use veggies as filler, but this isn’t good enough for a cat’s healthy diet.


Cats Don’t NEED Carbs (But They Love Carbs!)

High carbs will affect your cat’s digestive system, mess up blood glucose levels and eventually cause poor kidney health.


Yes, Go Raw!

Whenever possible, feeding a raw meat diet is the best choice for your cat. By feeding as close as you can get to what your cat would eat naturally in the wild, the healthier your cat will be.


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