Supplements For Cats: Taking Your Cat’s Health to the Next Level

Supplements for cats are a great way to balance out a raw food diet, wet/canned food diet or even a kibble diet.

There are 4 key nutritional supplements + vitamins I give my cats to keep them in the very best of health, all approved by my holistic vet, for the nutritional needs for my cats.

Cat Vitamins – Multi-Vitamins

There are antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other goodies which make for a high quality concentrated formula.


Omega 3 Fish Oil of Choice – RX Vitamins Ultra EFA

This is an excellent product. However, no matter how great the quality, do be aware that most cats are reluctant to eat fish oils.


Probiotics For Cats HMF SuperPowder

Probiotics help with digestion for cats and a whack of other things.


Digestive Enzymes

Not all cats need digestive enzymes. – Can reduce hairballs – Improves digestion and reduces constipation – Can help to reduce any skin ailments


F.A.Q. Are Cat Vitamins Necessary?

Since most of us are unable to provide the ideal diet for our cats, it’s a good idea to supplement with a good multi-vitamin supplement designed specifically for cat.


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