Raw Food Diet For Cats — A Quick Guide For Loving Cat Parents


Are you thinking about switching your cat to a raw food diet? A raw food diet for cats typically consists of uncooked animal products such as ground up bones, flesh, organs and muscle meat.

While it may not sound very appetizing to you, a raw food diet is highly beneficial for cats.

Method One: The Easy, Simple Way

The easiest and simplest way to feed your cat a raw food diet is to buy the meals already prepared and frozen (or freeze dried) for your convenience.


My Assessment of PreMade Raw Food Meals

– Cost effective. These premade meals are not crazy expensive. – I can buy at my local pet store. – I am lazy, so I love the convenience.

Method Two: Use Pre-Made Powder

This type of meal contains the same nutrients that you would find in a liver, meat and bone homemade mixture.


My Assessment of Powder + Meat Mix Meals

– This method is a good way to switch it up for your cats and make mealtime fun for them. – It’s a super easy method of feeding raw.

Method Three: Purchase, Grind and Add Your Own Ingredients

This method involves buying all the ingredients, including raw meat and supplements, measuring and mixing them together.


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