5 Ways the Ragdoll Cat and the Domestic Cat Are Different


I’ve owned many domestic rescue cats over the years and purebred Ragdoll cats. There are many similarities between the average domestic cat and Ragdolls.

However, there are some distinct differences I’ve come to notice about the Ragdoll breed.

They are Larger Than the Average Domestic Cat

The Ragdoll breed is known to be one of the largest breeds of cats.


Ragdolls Present a Limp, Laid-Back Attitude

Lying on their back, with legs wide open is a very typical pose for this breed! Or sit in a chair much the same way a human sits, just relaxing and enjoying life.


Raggies Are Known Not To Express Pain

By nature they are a cat, so of course they feel pain, but I believe the Ragdoll is better at coping with pain better than most cats.


Ragdoll Cats Are Really Into Their People

They are very loving cats which adore being held, cuddled and patted and interact with their people. Raggies love to be in your face as they crave attention!


The Perfect Companion Cat

They are a great match for the discriminating cat owner looking for a breed of cat that thrives on being part of the family!


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