5 Things You Need to Know About Ragdoll Cat Size


Ragdoll cat size is probably this breed’s second well-known and beloved trait after their friendly temperament.

Their size does impact Ragdoll cat ownership in both delightful and important ways. Read on to find out more.

The Larger Ragdoll Cat Size Makes Them Even More Cuddly

They are masters at relaxation, a perfect picture of comfort and their size makes them even more inviting for affection.


Ironically, Their Size Doesn’t Help Them Protect Themselves

They are so trusting and docile that they can easily be attacked or harmed.


Create A Living Space Designed For Their Size

Ragdoll cat size exceeds normal cat dimensions so all cat litter boxes, beds, and climby-toys may not fit them.


But Don’t Let Them Get Too Big

Talk to your trained conventional or holistic vet about the best feeding schedule for their growing period. Stick to what the vet says.


Many People Do Let Ragdolls Get Too Big

Remember, only trust your trained vet to tell you what is a healthy weight and feeding program for your individual Ragdoll.


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