10 Ragdoll Cat Behaviours Raggie Parents Can Expect


Knowing typical Ragdoll cat behaviour is important to owners of this breed and especially to anyone considering becoming a Ragdoll parent.

Here are some of the typical behaviours of the Ragdoll breed, to help owners and potential owners better relate to and understand their Raggies.

They Often Lie in Highly Undignified Poses

Being a long-haired cat, they will sometimes strike this super chilled out pose to cool off their jets.


Carried Around Like a Baby

They tend to go limp and totally relax and go floppy like a ragdoll, as their name implies. They are great cuddle bugs.


Play Hard

I personally find that Ragdolls play hard. When my boys get wound up and are slapping a toy across the room, they really give it all they’ve got!


Smart Cats

Ragdolls are smart cats. For example, they can be trained to fetch without much effort.



Gentle and Calm Nature

Although mine are talkers, this breed is generally quiet. This can be a good thing although the breeder where I got my first Ragdolls warned me that they are so quiet they don’t show distress or pain.

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